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What is a Live Love Ride experience like?

The best the country has to offer, on a bike.


We operate cycling holidays in Portugal, aiming to provide amazing experiences by portuguese backroads and trails. Accompanied by experienced local riders you will get to know the country's rich culture and historic background, taste the local gastronomy and wines and relax at charming hotels and SPA's.

All our cycling holidays are designed with your happiness in mind and we are always on the lookout for the best bike spots in the country to further improve them. From the best hotels, meals, wine tasting experiences and museums to mechanical and technical support during the rides, high-.end bicycles and gear for improved comfort and performance, we design and guide our clients in integrated experiences with the best Portugal has to offer!

Discover Europe’s Best Kept Secret on the cycling holiday of your life!

Expertly guided cycling holidays

Bike tours completely at your service!

We are always along for the ride.


Our team is composed of portuguese tourist guides and bike riders, in love with our country and proud to present the best landscapes, gastronomy, history, culture and experiences to anyone who chooses to ride in Portugal.

For the last five years, our team has been involved in the making of over 200 bike-related events in Portugal, from Granfondos to casual mountain bike rides, throughout the country. We are seasoned travelers and riders, able to tap into our local knowledge to provide great experiences to our guests.

Our team is composed of dedicated guides and riders. We make sure our guests’ cycling holidays run smoothly and exceed their expectations.

High-end bikes and gear

Great bikes, for great cycling holidays in Portugal.

We work with the best gear available, from brands such as Scott, Garmin, ZipVit, to make sure your experience is the best possible.

We operate with high end bicycles, be it road or mountain bikes. All our bikes are in excellent condition, of the current year and regularly reviewed by our mechanics. Our road bike and mountain bike fleet for 2015 is composed of carbon frame bicycles of the top-notch brand Scott.

Road - Scott Addict

On the road, you will be riding a Addict - a lightweight and comfortable carbon bike, designed to help you on the climbs and keep. Our Addict bikes come equipped with a full Shimano Ultegra kit, for great performance.


scott addict 20 road cycling holidays 2015

Mountain or touring - Scott Aspect or Spark 930

On our mountain bike tours in Portugal, you'll be riding a Scott Aspect 930 or a Spark ( depending on availability and if terrain conditions require so). These all-rounder, 29 inch wheel size bikes come equipped with front suspension with suspension lock, for better raction and comfort. They are perfect for short or long distance rides and even for technical trails, and come equipped with Shimano components for the best cycling experience. For touring bikes, we change the MTB tires of the Scott Aspect 930 for more rolling, thinner bike tires, to make it more adjustable to the terrain you'd be riding in.

scott spark 930 mountain ciking cycling holidays rental

E-bikes -Scott E-Scale 930

As an option, you might require an E-bike to assist on your tour. Our E-bike fleet is composed of E-Scale 930 bike model, equipped with 500W Bosch batteries, that will allow you to go great distances and with 250W Bosch motors, to assist you during the toughest climbs! These aluminum framed Scott bikes come equiped with front suspension with lockout. Optionally, they can be equipped with touring tires, in case it's better adepted to your tour of choice.

The models of the bikes for your tour might not be the ones here depicted, according to availability. All our bikes are perfectly maintained and are fitted to every rider on your first experience with us. If you have a special bicycle request, please feel free to contact us.We also have an E-bike fleet available, if you or your family members feel the need for extra-assistance during the rides.

In our bike trips, you’ll also get to use our Garmin Edge 510 GPS device, so you can record and upload all your rides.

Mechanical assistance, transfer & vehicle support

Assisted cycling experiences

Always at your side, in great style.


In our cycling holidays, you’ll be accompanied by our always present staff and vehicles. They will provide for all the services you need for the best biking experience in Portugal.

At your service, you’ll have a fleet of premium equipped vehicles with several amenities for your comfort.

/Mechanical assistance during the bike tours;
/Luggage and bike transfer between hotels;
/Transfer to and from hotels/airports;
/Premium passenger transport and assistance during the rides, at your disposal;

Bike touring at it's best!

Amazing gastronomy, experiences and hotels

A country renowned by the quality of its products.

Handpicked hotels, restaurants and experiences.

The most authentic experiences in the country

Our cycling holidays are designed to highlight the best each Portuguese region has to offer. In our bike tours, our guests, will find:  

/ Local delicacies and gastronomical experiences, whether in 5 star hotels or charming restaurants;
/ Complimentary experiences to better ilustrate the region, such as visits to wineries, museums, farms, castles, all included;
/ Hand-picked, charming hotels;

Relax and visit at your own pace

Your cycling holidays, your rules

Take your time and relax.


We work with the best hotels and SPA's, to guarantee you full-access to great relaxing experiences and a good night's sleep after your bike tour.

/ Acess to the best SPAs;
/ Free time for sightseeing;
/ Experience adapted to your own pace and holiday style; 

We strive to provide our guests with time to relax and immerse into the atmosphere, providing a balance between great activities and well deserved “me time” on your cycling holidays Portugal!

Adapted to every rider type and need

Bike tours for everyone

Cycling holidays designed for both recreational and expert riders.


While planning your cycling holidays, our staff may contact you to ask for further details to better design a bike tour more suited to you. However, all our tours are built to adapt to groups with different riding experience, having shorter and longer options. For "expert" riders, we provide additional cycling challenges. On the other hand we invite all our guests to simply hop into our premium equipped vans if they feel so or just enjoy a recovery day without using their bike. 



/ I ride my bike on a regular basis, for fitness, commuting or out with friends. I prefer rolling terrain but enjoy reaching my goals and enjoy an active lifestyle. I like to overcome some challenges on my bike, but mostly enjoy the landscapes and atmosphere during group rides.
You will get to ride at your own pace, in moderate distances and hop on our premium van if you so desire or, you can challenge yourself when you feel comfortable! You’ll get to ride in a peloton with like-minded people and always accompanied by our guides. If you want an extra "help" on your rides, you can also request an e-bike.


/ Riding is a great part of my life, and I ride my bike regularly with my friends. I am comfortable with rides of 2 to 3 hours, or even more at a relatively strong pace. I like to be challenged and to surpass obstacles or just ride smoothly in a peloton.
You will get to feel different riding experiences, from tougher climbs to rolling along in great company. You’ll have time to enjoy the great landscapes, gain speed in the descents and also push yourself and climb those tough hills. You’ll enjoy the variety of terrain, riding in a peloton and pushing a little harder just before the stop at the café.


/  I ride my bike an average of 100 kilometres or more per week and enjoy a fast paced ride for an extended period of time. I love to train, improve and be challenged by other riders. I enjoy all riding experiences, from big climbs to long, technical descents, especially the ones that allow me to push my limits and make long lasting memories.
You’ll get to ride in a peloton along with your peers but also challenge them on the long climbs. Lead the pack and take on the special extra-challenges we have in store for you – try to keep up with our guides as you go for the extra mile just before your well deserved rest and massage at the hotel!

Cycling holidays Portugal for all.

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