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A perfect day out riding by the Douro river

From the Douro river to the world, some inspiration for your weekend rides from our bike tours in Douro.


A perfect day out riding by the Douro river

Wake up with a big smile: you are in the world's first demarcated wine region. Amazing viewpoints and a UNESCO world heritage scenario are what's in store for today.


Start your day with a big ride and enjoy the great climbs and descents alongside the river;


bike ride douro


Enjoy some car-free roads with great tarmac or great trails between vineyards. Go out early, to enjoy the freshness of the morning.



Make sure to enjoy your lunch by the river, in order to fully experience the micro-climate of the region.


nau vintage outside lunch


Reserve your afternoon for a special treat. A boat ride is a great way to get to know the river and stop by some sheltered beaches.



... make sure the wine is aging properly in the cellars ...



... so that you can enjoy your Douro and port wines at sunset in the Cima Côrgo region.



 Enjoy a good night's sleep surrounded by history and beauty...


... because tomorrow is another big riding day. And the Douro waits for you, as it has been for ages.



Hope you feel inspired and have a great weekend with great rides ;). 

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