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All you need to know about planning your next bike tour in Portugal!

Preparing for a Trip

What Safety and health procedures can we expect on your tours?

The health and safety of our guests and team are our priority. Having complied with certified health measures since the beginning of our activity, Live Love Ride is considered a "Clean and Safe" establishment, as we make sure our team and guests are as protected as possible to do what we love the most, which is traveling by bike. At Live Love Ride, we adopt the following measures:

- Provide First Aid certification for all our guides and having an internal protocol able to provide hand sanitation, respiratory etiquette and appropriate social conduct;

- Disinfect all bikes, gear, clothing, transport vans other materials used by our guests and staff between and during tours;

- Provide face masks and disinfectant gel to staff and guests during transfers on our vans and any crowded spaces during our tours (airports and transport stations while transferring at the start and end of the tour);

- Plan your tour with restaurants, hotels and providers that honor the "Clean and Safe" protocol;

- Using social distancing and a maximum number of guests according to rules defined by the Spanish National authorities;

Click here for all safety measures on our "Clean and Safe" certificate

What can I expect on a Self-Guided tour? How should I prepare?

You are never "on your own" on a self-guided bike tour with Live Love Ride, as we provide a series of services to support your tour. There are, however, some things you must take into consideration before opting for a self-guided bike tour to explore Portugal on a bike. Here's a list on what to expect on our self-guided tours:



Airport pick-ups to your first hotel and drop-offs at the end of the tour are included on our standard self-guided tours, just like your guided tours.

Luggage transfers:

Luggage transfers between hotels are included in our self-guided bike tours. So you don't have to carry any extra weight and you have no need to carry a bike rack with you, making it easier to focus on enjoying the ride.


Unless specifically requested, the only meal included in your self-guided bike tour is breakfast, at the hotel. All other meals are yours to choose from which, on a self-guided adventure, makes more sense as you set your own pace and can stop at whichever time you prefer. On our routebooks, we suggest a series of our favourite restaurants and cafés for you to stop by and enjoy the local cuisine. Also, Portugal has plenty of options to stop for food and drinks and it's actually one of the best ways to get to know the local culture.


On our self-guided bike tours, accomodations are previously arranged. We operate with some of the best hotels on the regions you chose to explore, and all of them have safe places to store your bikes during night time.

Bikes and gear

All our standard tours include bike rental - you can opt for a mountain, touring or road bike (depending on the tour you have chosen), choose from an array of pedal systems (we'll install them previously for you), helmets (included in the tour). Other gear that accompanies the bike rental is water bottle cages and bottles, handlebar bas so you can carry your essentials (you can choose to ride without them), saddle bags with multitool, tire levers, extra inner tube, so you can tackle any minor mechanical problem you encounter along the way.

Private briefing and bike fit

At the start of your tour, you'll be welcomed by a Live Love Ride representative, who'll provide you with a private briefing, detailing all the information you need to know before your tour: detailed itinerary, weather prediction, daily rides, suggested restaurants and points of interest along the way, emergency contacts, overall tips on cycling in Portugal and all the gear necesary for your tour will be handed out by the guide. You'll also go through a bike fitting process, to make sure your height, saddle, pedals and everything else is fit accordingly, so you enjoy your tour.

Routes, route book and GPS rental

Bike routes are previously planned and designed from hotel to hotel, so they leave nothing to immagination. They are already uploaded on the Garmin GPS that we include with the self-guided tour, which is your main navigation system - just follow the daily tracks on your GPS to get around. Also, a routebook will accompany your GPS - it'll be handed out during the private briefing - with a description of your daily rides.

Emergency cellphone and number

We will provide you with a portuguese phone and emergency contacts, should you need to contact us in any ocasion.


Riding by yourself

Our self-guided tours have a minimum of just two travelers, so don't count riding in a group - you'll be riding in your own group, most of the times. It's great if you value independence and choosing your own timing and pace. If you are looking for group comraderie - which always makes up for a more enriching experience - a guided bike tour migt be a better choice. So make sure you take some time before the tour to ride by yourself or with the fellow riders you'll be sharing the trails/roads with.

More independence = less support

Unlike guided bike tours, self-guided bike tours do not have an accompanying support van. This means that it's your responsibility to get to the next hotel every day, even if you head into bad weather or just don't feel like riding anymore. If you do run into trouble, though, call the emergency hotline, and the tour company will help as much as possible. So make sure you follow our packing list and bring all the gear necessary to prepare for weather changes.

Self-Navigation and bike repair

You are expected to follow the tracks on your GPS which are your main navigation system so basic understanding or experience of GPS is a plus (we do, however, explain how to use the GPS's on your private briefing). You'll also be expected to fix your own flats. (If you don't know how, ask your local bike mechanic to show you how to do it or ask your Live Love Ride guide during the private briefing). In the rare case of bicycle breakdowns, you may be asked to take public transportation or a taxi to the next town, where there may be a repair shop that can fix the problem. Make sure you know how to change a flat and handle minor issues that may occur during your rides.

Ride in similar conditions

On most of our bike tours, you'll be riding several days in a row. On a guided bike tour, you can hop in on the support van or even shorten the ride, as we are able to customize it to your experience, which you wan't be able to do on a self-guided bike tour. So make sure you prepare yourself by riding the same type of bike you'd be using on the tour in order to better simulate the conditions you are going to encounter - it's very different to ride in mountain, road or hybrid bikes. Also, we suggest you ride at least two days in a row, so your body adapts better to these conditions and to take notice of the average mileage and altimetry you'd be riding on your tour itinerary - make sure you experience riding those many miles before you do the tour.

If you are an experienced rider and like to explore on your own, a self-guided bike tour might just be best option for you! If you feel unsure and don't master these points, a guided tour might be a better option, for sure. If you need any help or guidance, don't hesitate to contact us.

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What's the distance covered in each ride and experience? Am I fit enough to go?

Your ride, your rules! You are free to ride as many kilometers as you'd like or none at all. Every ride is designed to have shorter and longer options, to satisfy every type of rider. Rider who want to challenge themselves will be invited to overcome certain obstacles, while other may simply like to get on board of our luxury vehicles in the middle of the ride or simply choose to go on their holidays with an E-bike. If you feel like having a recovery day instead of riding and want to spend the afternoon by the pool, you are welcome to do so!

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What bikes do we ride in the trips?

Our cycling trips already have included the use of high-end bicycles and gear. If you have any specific needs regarding your bikes, please contact us through our form or send us an e-mail at ridewithus @

Please click here to check our road, mountain bike and e-bike fleet. Bikes used during the tour might not be of this specific models, brands, according to availability of the fleet.

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Can I bring my own bike?

We invite you to bring your own bike for the ride! However, in every Live love Ride experience, we provide our guests with high-end road, mountain or e-bikes, for a better comfort and experience. If you have a special request on a specific bike, please contact us.

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What's included in each ride?

At Live love Ride , our aim is to provide an amazing experience so that you can enjoy and discover the country without a hassle and at your own pace. You can choose to go in one of our All-included tours, half-board ones or even self-guided rides, but the quality level of service, bicycles, gear and carefull tour design is present in all of them. Please check your tour catalog to see what's included in each one of them!

Ammenities we can offer in our tours:

/ Transfer from airport/hotel to the start of the ride;
/ Daily Guided bike tours with expert guides and riders, adapted to your pace;
/ All accommodations in 5 star or charm hotels or similar;
/ All gourmet dinners throught yhr rides, in the best local restaurants and hotels;
/ All lunches or gourmet pic-nics during the rides;
/ Entrance in all museums, wineries and other special experiences during the rides;
/ High end road or mountain bicycle rent, GPS devices, helmets and complimentary equipment (jersey & bib short);
/ Access to SPA treatment whenever possible;
/ Surpride gift bag
/ Mechanical support, throughout the rides;
/ Car and passenger support throughout all the rides;
/ Transfer of guests and bags between hotels;
/ Riding experience insurance;
/ Aditional surprises

Whenever you plan a ride with us, you'll receive a day-to-day itinerary from our agents, with information on these specific details.

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What should I pack for each ride?

We recommend you bring the following gear and clothing:


1 suitcase and 1 carry-on per person - we will provide an extra bag for you to carry your essentials with you along the ride;

General Clothing

Bathing suit and sandals;

Walking shoes/sandals;

Evening and casual wear;

Cycling Gear:

Cycling bib shorts

Cycling jersey

Cycling socks

Cycling shoes and pedals - please inform us of your preference, so we can setup your bike in advance;

Cycling gloves;

Helmet - we provide our own helmets, but you are free to bring your own;

Saddle we provide our own helmets, but you are free to bring your own;

Wind Jacket;

Arm and leg warmers;

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Can I bring my non-cyclist family, friends or kids along?

Yes you can! Your non-cyclist friends and family can choose to use an e-bike fleet or simply travel in style in our premium vans, and we are delighted to customize the ride with aditional activities for their leisure.

You are invited to bring your kids with you for our family designed experiences. Please view our family experience at or contac ut at ridewithus @ for more information.

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What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is quite simple: we won’t use your email address for any other purpose than the one for which you originally gave it to us: sending you itineraries and ocassionally our newsletter. This may include contacting subscribers to update information once in a while, and, from time to time, inviting some guests to participate in a survey. Occasionally we also notify our visitors of relevant events and products.

We won’t rent, swap or sell our lists to advertisers, other web sites or list brokers.

We do not capture any personal identification information on our site visitors, only anonymous information as detailed in the sections below this one.

We use MailChimp as our email marketing and automation service provider. Within MailChimp we hold the following data:

Information that newsletter subscribers may have provided when they opted in to request one of our downloads. This may include First and Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Job Title, Organization, Company Size, and Country. This information is only held on newsletter subscribers who submitted it when requesting a download.
Information that newsletter subscribers may have provided when opting in to receive our newsletter. Typically this is limited to Name and Email Address.
Information that MailChimp determines on its own from newsletter subscribers’ activity, such as IP-based location (latitude/longitude, timezone, and country).
We do not sell or rent this information, and only use it at times on an aggregated and anonymous basis to determine general data about our newsletter subscriber audience.

Paid Products
We have access to information you provided when purchasing a paid product, such as a report. This is limited to information necessary to process your payment, such as name, address and credit card information. This information is held by the entities that process it according to their terms of service.

You can request to see the data we hold on you at any point, and you can also request deletion of your data at any point. Please email [email protected] for any questions related to your personal data.

If you post a comment on our site, we won’t use your email except to send you update notices about the specific entry you commented, or to initiate a private one-to-one email conversation with you about your post.

We collect anonymous usage data (technically known as “referrer logs”) on our web site, such as IP address, referrer site, or browser type. We do not link IP data to personal identification information except, when appropriate, for logged-on members to prevent account sharing fraud.

We may use technical tracking means such as cookies or web beacons (single-pixel transparent gifs). These techniques are anonymous and used for statistical purposes only (e.g. finding our email open rate). We won’t try to monitor your anonymous personal usage of our site and letters. You can set up your browser to refuse cookies if you want to, though that might limit some site features.

We may use an outside advertising company to display advertisements on our website. Advertisements served from third parties may or may not contain cookies and other tracking mechanisms.

We have put security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Only authorized personnel are allowed physical and/or digital access to servers and data. All servers and data backups are kept secure from physical and electronic intrusion by use of firewalls and redundant security systems, which are periodically evaluated and upgraded.

Personally Identifiable Information provided to our company is subject to disclosure pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants or orders. We make every effort possible to preserve user privacy and anonymity; however, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein such action is necessary to comply with judicial proceedings, court orders or legal processes served on our Website.

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Booking a Trip

How do I plan my trip with Live love Ride?

There are many ways you can plan a trip with Live love Ride:

.1 Choose your preferred ride from our ride menu and choose the "plan your ride" option so we can get in contact with you with a detailed, day-to-day itinerary of your preferred ride;

.2 Customize your ride, filling in our "create your ride" form, so we can get in contact with more information;

.3 Filling in our general contact form here, or simply sending us an e-mail at ridewithus @

We will never book your trip without contacting you first, to make sure we plan it according to your needs, so you and your group will have the best cycling holidays of your life.

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How do I book my trip with Live Love Ride?

After having planned your ride and contacting your agents, you will be given all the information to place your reservation.

Our agent will then confirm hotels, bicycle, etc. We require 50% of the value upon booking, whereas the remainder is due 30 days before the start date of tour tour time of the booking. If you reserve your trip less than 30 days before the departure, the full value is due at the time of booking. Once your booking is complete you will receive an e-mail confirmation with important information regarding your trip.

2020 - Special Flexibility for new bookings

In order to make these times less uncertain, we have adopted a flexible policy for new bookings, allowing you to book a tour advancing a smaller deposit, which you can turn into credit for future tours if you choose to postpone it, for any reason, up to 30 days before your tour start date. New bookings for tours running from 15th of May to 31st of October of 2020 will benefit from the following policy:

- An initial deposit of 300EUR per guest to book ;

- Remaining value to be payed up to 45 days before the tour start date;

- If you choose to postpone your tour up to 30 days before the tour start date, we will keep the entire value that you payed on your account, with no additional postponement fee, to be used by Dec 31, 2021. Click to see our complete postponement policy.

This policy is in place for all new bookings for our standard self-guided and guided tours that are to take place from May 15th to the 31st of October 2020. For Group or Custom Tours, the terms may vary, and we will communicate them to each group individually.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept tour payments by bank transfer or through our website payment platform.

On our website online payment platform, all major credit and debit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club. Our payment platform is supported by Stripe's payment infrastructure software.

Stripe has been serving businesses across the World, from startups to big internet companies like Amazon, Uber, Google, and many others. Stripe processes billions of dollars per year and our client's money is earmarked so as not to get confused with other partners' payments. (Guests can also know for certain that our checkout pages are secure due to the https:// displayed in the address bar).

Upon booking of the tour on our website, you will receive an email with our invoice (OAK - Live Love Ride) and a quick link to the Stripe payment platform, where you can pay and confirm the booking of your tour.

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please contact us so we can share our details, as we are available to do so.

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What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or change your bike tour due to unexpected circumstances, our cancellation policy let's you reschedule your tour adventure for future dates, according to the information below:

Cancellation requested up to 120 days before tour:

80% of the value already paid is refunded. 20% of that value is awarded as a discount for a future tour, within 1 year of the original booking date;

Cancellation requested between 119 to 90 days:

60% of the value already paid is refunded. 20% of that value is awarded as a discount for a future tour, within 1 year of the original booking date;

Cancellation requested between 89 to 30 days:

40% of the value already paid is refunded. 20% of that value is awarded as a discount for a future tour, within 1 year of the original booking date;

Cancellation requested less than 30 days before the tour:

No refunds; 20% of that value is awarded as a discount for a future tour, within 1 year of the original booking date;

Update on the Covid-19 situation - Our cancellation policy has changed due to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please visit our specific page for any alterations on 2020 tours, by clicking here.

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Can I postpone a tour? What is your flexibility?

Yes we are flexible regarding postponements. If, for any reason, you can't make it on any of our tours, you can postpone your tour up to 30 days before the starting date. You can use that value as credit on any future tours with our company, to be used whenever you feel you are ready to travel back to us - we will not charge you any administrative or hidden fees.

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Can I customize my own cycling holiday in Portugal?

There are many ways you can plan a trip with Live love Ride: We invite you to customize your own travel itinerary in Portugal. Simply use the "Customize my ride" form here, so we can have a better idea of what suits you best, describing your preferred experiences. We'll then get in touch, and plan your ride according to your needs!

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Can I make my tour "private" for my friends/family/group?

Yes, you can schedule a private tour specifically for your group, or choose one of our pre-existent tours, making them private and unacessible to other participants. Please contact us through our form with your requests or simply send us an e-mail at ridewithus @ with your needs!

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How do I contact a Live Love Ride agent?

Please contact us through our form, here. You can also send us an e-mail to ridewithus @ .

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Book with confidence - Check our cancellation policy.

European Offices

Live Love Ride
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