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Bike tours in Europe: Top 10 Reasons to discover Europe on a bike!

Over the years, bicycle touring has been becoming an increasingly popular alternative for tourists who want to want to travel in Europe. Should you give it a try? Keep on reading and learn about 10 of the reasons why you should choose to go on on bike tours in Europe.

1 - Keep fit (so you can indulge more often).

Cycling offers an effective exercise that will help you to maintain a fit and healthy body throughout your vacation. This will help you with managing weight if you find it hard to resist the regional gastronomy, which is something bike tours in europe are known for!

bike tour in europe cofee stop breakfast

2 - Meeting local people in a authentic way.

Bike tours in Europe offer a good opportunity to meet locals along the way. Stops at coffee shops, viewpoints, wine cellars and restaurants are an excellent way to get to know the local folks, and understand their way of living in a more authentic way. Once you approach someone riding a bike, you’re bound to be greeted with a smile - a great way to start a meaningful conversation!

3 - Get out of your comfort zone and “earn the right” to witness that amazing view!

Lose the bus and hop on a bike! Bike touring is a must try if you want to dare to take the leap and try something  out of your comfort zone. Cycling will make your holidays more memorable and will be something that you will forever treasure. Not only will you be able to say “wow, what an amazing view”, but “wow, this view was totally worth the effort”! Whatever the effort level might be for you, we all love accomplishing our goals.

4 - Safe and adaptable to everyone’s rhythm.

There are amazing destinations for cycling in Europe offering car-free roads and a very peaceful atmosphere. In our country, for example, you’ll benefit from quiet roads and trails in regions such as the Douro or the Alentejo or our other bike tours in Portugal. Different regions have different riding profiles, which means that there’s always a region adapted to your riding profile, whether you are an experienced, intermediate or novice cyclist.

quinta da regaleira bike tour

5 - Have a more insightful experience.

Unlike being seated in a bus or car, biking provides a more engaging and enriching experience. As you contact with locals, you’ll find it easier to understand the natives perspective and discover events and traditions that are hard to reach. These little secrets will make it all even more worthwhile and will easily become your first stories when you return home.

6 - Enjoy the scenic views and monuments.

The “old continent” is extremely rich in terms of majestic landscapes, which can be best enjoyed when riding a bike. European landscapes are even more amazing when you see them unfold before your eyes as you go cycling. As are the monuments, museums and sites that help tell the modern world’s history. You’ll find paleolithical sites, ancient roman and greek references, castles and convents with millennial origins and tales in bike tours in Europe. Read our article regarding five destinations for bike tours in Europe for more suggestions.

7 - Great  infrastructure everywhere you go.

Roads and trails are in excellent condition for cycling, even in the most remote regions. This means you can cover a lot of ground riding your bike and not worrying about mechanical issues occuring that often. In 2015, we haven’t had a single flat tires during our douro bike tours, thios includes mountain, hybrid or road bikes!

8 - Great accommodations and restaurants.

In Europe, you will find plenty of great accommodation choices in the best regions for cycling. Far away from the more urbanized areas there are various ancient convents, castles and monasterys that have been adapted to modern times and can now catter to tourists while mantaining their traditional appeal. You'll also find amazing food in a great variety of restaurants and they do are not necessarily all "gourmet" or expensive. You'll find great comfort food in abundance in portugal - ask for suggestions to your newly found local friends...

9 - Take your time – let it soak in.

Traveling by bus, car, or plane can be exhausting and sometimes you can feel that you lose more time in reaching your destination than actually experiencing it. The beauty about cycling? The travelling is part of the experience! That way you get to experience everything with more time and care.

bike tour in arrábida

10 - Have fun and enjoy the moment with your group.

That’s what cycling is all about. It’s about feeling the wind in your face and remembering that first time you rode a bike - on every single ride you go. It’s the most immersive way to travel, one that makes you forget about everything else and just focus on that beautiful moment you’re living with your group or family. And releasing those endorphins during your exercise is a good way to guarantee you and your group will be happy all along!

What do you like the most about cycling in Europe? Please leave your comment below and join the conversation and read or previous post on five great destinations for bike tours in europe.